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Welcome to Scholarship Result BD, the only website in Bangladesh which works on Scholarship. This website is created to serve scholarship related information to Bangladeshi people. It starts it operation in Education sector on January 10, 2020. Its moto is “Scholarship for All”.

There are many organizations in Bangladesh that offer scholarship to students on various facts. There are not only non-government organizations to give stipend but also Government organizations. They are working altogether on this aspect.

Generally, Government scholarship money is given to meritorious students. It never take financial condition into consideration during giving the stipend. Poor and rich students are treated equally. But, on the other hand, non-government organizations give stipend to only poor and brilliant students. That is the main difference between them.

Therefore, they all are working for the development of Education in Bangladesh. Scholarship money helps student to continue their study by overcoming poverty. You know, majority of Bangladeshi students live in Village area. And most of them are under poverty line. It’s very hard for a farmer to educate his son/daughter unless anyone help them. So, if they get scholarship money from any organization, it largely helps them.

In Bangladesh, there are scholarship in primary, high school, college and university level. Bangladesh government give scholarship in PSC, JSC, SSC and HSC. And all the result is published through Scholarship Result BD. So, you can take it as Official website for getting Scholarship in all classes. Here is easy navigation to scholarship result pages.